The Farm and our wines


Thanks to the excellent microclimate in this area, the age-old winemaking tradition in the Susa Valley is as deep-rooted as the vines in our terraced vineyards that cling to the steep mountainsides and require much manual labour.


In our mountain side vineyards (800 a.s.l.), we cultivate both indigenous grape varieties (Avanà and Becuèt) and other prestigious international varieties.


From our 2.5 hectare vineyards, we produce a total of around 11-thousand bottles of wine per year, which are bottled in our own cellar where we use all of the latest winemaking techniques.


We are always pleased to accompany our visitors on a guided tour of our Vineyard and our cellars, where we can show off our basic winemaking processes, namely the cultivation techniques we apply in the Vineyard and the grape-pressing, winemaking and bottling processes in our cellar.


 Book your favorite tasting:


CLASSIC - €  6,00

tasting of 3 wines of your choice


MAXI - €  12,00

tasting of 6 wines of your choice



tastings of appetizers, first course, second course with side dish, dessert, combining 4 wines

(minimum number of participants 10)


our wine cellar

Cré Seren

Zal Blanc




Sensa Sens




Favouring sustainable agriculture, we have chosen to take part in the following project

We are producers who intend to practice “sustainable viticulture” by combining traditional know-how and the latest cultivation methods. We have adopted a set of regulations that are in line with the guidelines established by the “International Organisation for Integrated Biological Control”, which are aimed at producing consumer-friendly, excellent wines.


Our aim is to prioritise “gentle” farming methods. We set out to maintain the biodiversity of our viticulture systems, preserve the fertility of the soil, reduce our environmental impact, safeguard our future as a producer and ensure the ongoing production of healthy grapes and wines. We wish to defend the quality of our wines against the standardisation imposed by industrial-scale working methods and commercial incentives that are predominantly profit-oriented

Agriturismo Cré Seren

Frazione San Rocco 10

10050 Giaglione (TO) - Italy

Phone +39 335 60.83.966


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