Our Restaurant


Our dining room is the perfect place to bring together the wines from our cellar and our traditional local dishes, thereby re-discovering some of the smells and flavours of long ago in the quality of the ingredients and the slow-cooking method used in the preparation of our dishes.


Looking through our list of wines, you will undoubtedly find one that is ideal for drinking with the menu of the day.


Careful and intelligent diners may choose to take away their open bottles of wine, thus avoiding any unpleasantness at roadblocks and prolonging their enjoyment of our excellent wines.


The Cré Seren kitchen offers a seasonal menu consisting of: four starters, one entree, one main course with side dishes, a range of desserts, mineral water, coffee and after-dinner drink, at a cost of € 25 (excluding wine).


By booking at least one day in advance and advising us about anyone with specific food allergies (gluten and/or lactose intolerance, etc …) we can come up with a special menu equivalent to that on offer for other diners.



Our Recipes

In autumn we offer theme dinners based on traditional “humble” local dishes, such as “bagna cauda” (Piedmontese oil, garlic and anchovy fondue), “gran bollito” (a mixed boiled-meat platter with a variety of sauces), “zuppa di cavoli, indivia e Marrone “brusata” (a cabbage, endive and "charred" chestnut bake). Booking is essential.

Special Occasion Menu, with coffee and digestive liqueur - € 32,00

  • Sliced cold meats
  • “Vitello tonnato” (Sliced veal in a tuna-mayonnaise sauce)
  • Spring platter (colourful omelettes, baskets of cheeses with various fillings and fresh cheese with “sausa d’avije” sauce)
  • Vegetable tart served with a white wine sauce


  • Wild herb “Risotto”
  • Potato “Tortelli” with a julienne of vegetables


  • Rabbit “tuna” and salad
  • Roast pork with vegetables in season


  • Chocolate mousse
  • Sponge cake with fruit

Agriturismo Cré Seren

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