Serena and Giancarlo welcome you!

The name “CRÉ SEREN” is a blend of a place and a way of life. The place goes by the name of “CRÉ” (Crest), a true panoramic balcony overlooking the Susa Valley and located in Giaglione, a mere 50km from Turin.

In addition to being an abbreviation of the proprietor’s surname, “SEREN” is also a synonym meaning familiarity, tranquillity and rest. It is within this context that the Martina family wishes to welcome you.


In accordance with the requirements of the Law, the Crè Seren holiday farm is an additional feature of our Farming Operation and, therefore, the cuisine we offer our guests is a direct result of this specific choice. The proprietor, Serena, personally handles all matters relating to the kitchen and the accommodation.


A stay at the Crè Seren Holiday Farm will provide you with an excellent opportunity to experience a wide variety of places and events, ranging from the historical all the way through to artistic, sporting, naturalistic and food and wine.


Come and discover the natural beauty and the culture of the Susa Valley!!

Farming Operation


Our farming production reflects not only the winemaking culture of the area, but also the traditions of a family-run mountainside business.


Today, as in the past, survival depends on having your own vegetable patch, orchard, chestnut grove and farm-animal breeding operation. In our opinion, nothing has changed in this regard. We don’t run an intensive, profit-making operation, but the quality of our products is nevertheless very satisfactory.


Our vegetable gardens, greenhouses and "crutin" (underground caves where various vegetables are transplanted for the winter) allow us to produce fresh fruit and vegetables year-round, which we then use either in the preparation of our traditional Piedmont dishes, or to make our home-made preserves and jams.


In our barn we raise sheep, pigs, fattening calves and farmyard animals, whose meat contributes to the excellence of our dishes.

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